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WrapLyfe / High Voltage
3786 Fletcher Lane
Ruston, Louisiana 71270

"What is WrapLyfe?"

We are usually asked what is Wraplyfe? Well, Wraplyfe is a lifestyle in a way. For someone who is in the Wrap Industry has a life of Wrapping. Wrapping is not as easy and you would think it is by watch the professionals of today. If you beyond expectations with every project your on the right path. For Wraplyfe we bring some motivational tshirts to keep you in Wrap Mode everyday! Wraplyfe was created by Dusty Abel. A daily wrapper of 8 years and a Professional sign maker for 10 years. Dusty has been certified with a few industry leaders and gaining more certifications to always be able to have a flawless Wrap. Wraplyfe is Family owned and operated. An amazing Husband and Wife duo with a son to grow into the industry and be one of the greats! Wraplyfe is not out to make millions selling shirts. We just make it affordable for everyone! We just want to see what we have created take shape with the amazing people we have met in the industry. We are not here for competition, we want to be just as cool as anyone else bringing something to the Wrap Community. We strive to be different and appealing. We hope to see you soon!